My Story

I'm a mom of two busy boys and I feel instantly in love with Scentsy after my first use. I originally joined Scentsy just to get myself a discount on the products that I love.  I quickly found out how easy it was to turn my love for Scentsy products into a side business to make a little bit of extra cash for my family.  After being with Scentsy only for a few months I have a small team of amazing people and I am well on my way to earning my free insentive trip from Scentsy - it's a family trip to Disney World!!! I am a big believer on setting people up for sucess and have a background in education so I thrive on helping people learn.  If you have a love for Scentsy and are ready to join an amazing team of people that want to see you grow your business to what you want it to be contact me about joining my team. I look forward to hearing from you!